The California Solar Initiative's RD&D Program has now concluded after operating since 2008 through 2016. All solicitations and research projects are now complete.



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For more information on the research projects and resulting reports please review the section below. All completed final reports are also available separately for review and download. 

FINAL REPORTS for completed projects along with individual research briefs can be found here.


CSI RD&D Program - Program Evaluation 



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Funded Projects

This is a database of projects funded by the CSI RD&D. The project summaries are listed alphabetically below. You may also choose a subset of projects by clicking a keyword, or using the search function.

Tools Development for Grid Integration of High PV Penetration

Current Highlights:

Final Report. March 2016. PDF

Project Information

Solicitation: Solicitation 3
Target Area: Grid Integration
Awardee: DNV GL Engineering

Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD), Hawaii Electric Companies (HECO/MECO/HELCO), and Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E)

CSI Funding: $964,500
Match Funding: $1,077,100
Start Date: July 2012
End Date: April 2015
Status: Complete

Contact Information

Principal Investigator Name: Ron Davis
Principal Investigator Email: Ronald.Davis @ dnvgl.com
Principal Investigator Phone: 925-327-3015
Grant Manager Name: William Marin
Grant Manager Email: william.marin @ itron.com
Grant Manager Phone: 509-891-3193

Project Summary

This project addresses the lack of high quality, high resolution, field measured photovoltaic (PV) data to inform adequate modeling of high-penetration PV on the utility system. This research targets the development of methodologies and software for evaluating high-penetration PV on the distribution grid and builds on work conducted under the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) CSI RD&D project #1. The BEW team will explore a nodal approach for locating PV strategically, by integrating the distribution grid and a global visual mapping tool into an expanded locational value analysis. The visual map locates potential PV development areas such as roof space and vacant lots. The nodal approach aggregates and assesses impacts across the system from a strategic development and grid enhancement perspective. The methodology and process will be used by utilities to facilitate expansion of PV into the grid without negatively impacting system performance. The three utility partners (Pacific Gas and Electric, Hawaiian Electric Company, and SMUD) will select different feeder configurations to demonstrate, evaluate, and validate high PV penetrations under steady-state, contingency, and dynamic scenarios. The project also plans to conduct case studies for evaluating PV penetrations on the distribution grid.

Deliverables and Documents


  • Final Report: Tools Development for Grid Integration of High PV Penetration. Davis, R. DNV-GL. March 2016.  PDF (3.2 MB)
  • Proactive Modeling Methodology. DNV-GL Energy. Document No.: 84340790-FSE-R-02-B. Prepared for CA Public Utilities Commission. March 31, 2016.  PDF  (1.6 MB)

  • Final Report: Westplan Solar PV Penetration Study Final Report. DNV KEMA. July 2013.  PDF (2.2 MB)


  • "Seeing is Believing! Tools for Renewable Integration.” Nakafuji, D, Jan 28, 2014, DistribuTECH, San Antonio.  PDF (3 MB)

  • Initial Project Presentation: Tools Development for Grid Integration of High PV Penetration. Davis, Ron. DNV GL Engineering. Aug 9, 2012.  PDF (1 MB)

Final Report:

Project Activities

July 2012 Project started
April 2015 Project completion
March 2016 Project final report completed



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