The California Solar Initiative's RD&D Program has now concluded after operating since 2008 through 2016. All solicitations and research projects are now complete.



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For more information on the research projects and resulting reports please review the section below. All completed final reports are also available separately for review and download. 

FINAL REPORTS for completed projects along with individual research briefs can be found here.


CSI RD&D Program - Program Evaluation 



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Funded Projects

This is a database of projects funded by the CSI RD&D. The project summaries are listed alphabetically below. You may also choose a subset of projects by clicking a keyword, or using the search function.

Advanced Distribution Analytic Services Enabling High Penetration Solar PV

Current Highlights:

Sept 23, 2016

  • Final project webinar slide deck [PDF]
  • Webinar recording [mp4]

FINAL REPORT: Advanced Distribution Analytic Enabling High Penetration Solar PV. September 2016. September 2016.  PDF  (1.1 MB)

Project Information

Solicitation: Solicitation 4
Target Area: Grid Integration
Awardee: Southern California Edison (SCE)

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and Qado Energy Systems

CSI Funding: $934,000
Match Funding: $934,000
Start Date: May 2014
End Date: May 2016
Status: Complete

Contact Information

Principal Investigator Name: Robert Sherick
Principal Investigator Email: Robert.sherick @ sce.com
Principal Investigator Phone: 714-934-0813
Grant Manager Email: William.Marin @ itron.com
Grant Manager Phone: 509-891-3193

Project Summary

The goal of this Southern California Edison project is to streamline the interconnection process allowing for higher penetration levels of distributed PV.. The SCE team will identifying the limiting factors and mitigation measures for achieving 50%, 75% and 100% PV penetration levels on SCE feeders, however the process and methods can be extended to other California service territories. Leveraging previous and ongoing CSI RD&D research projects, the SCE team will identify and analyzed prototype feeders in detail to determine operational limits and mitigation strategies including 1) infrastructure improvements, 2) implementing advanced controls, 3) energy storage and/or 4) demand response (DR). This work will result in a set of representative distribution feeders for the SCE service territory and an understanding of how much PV each feeder type can support using measures for mitigation. The work will result in a streamlined process for interconnection.

Deliverables and Documents


Final Report: Advanced Distribution Analytics Enabling High Penetration Solar PV. Prepared by Robert Sherick, Southern California Edison. November 2016.  PDF (1.25 MB)

Task 3-1 Feeder Selection Technical Report: Characterization & Modeling of Representative Distribution Circuits in GridLAB-D. Southern California Edison. April 2016.  PDF (1.25 MB)


Sept 23, 2016

  • Final project webinar slide deck [PDF]
  • Webinar recording [mp4]


Advanced Distribution Analytic Services Enabling High PV Penetration: Coordination and IOU Outreach Meeting. Sherick, Robert. SCE. 26 June 2014.  PDF  (438 KB)

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